Skip Bayless With An All Time Bad Take About Dak Prescott Being Soft For Revealing He Battled Depression After His Brother Committed Suicide In April

You may have missed out on this news, but back in April, Dak Prescott's brother died of what Dak Prescott just revealed was a suicide.

In a recent interview, Dak went into detail about the depression he battled after his brother passed away. Any human being with a heart can understand that. Anytime a friend or family member passes away, it's often really tough. I am lucky to say that I have never had someone close to me die because of suicide. I can't imagine the pain that causes, especially when it's a brother or sister. Dak had the courage to reveal that he struggled with depression in the aftermath of his brother's death. That turned Skip Bayless the wrong way?

Maybe Skip didn't realize that Dak's brother had recently passed away? I don't know. Even if that didn't happen to Dak, depression and anxiety is something that a lot of people deal with throughout this world. Often times those people feel alone and "broken" because everyone they see around them seems to be living this perfect life....except for them. That's why it's important that when superstar athletes like Dak Prescott reveal their battles with depression and/or anxiety, it shouldn't be looked down upon. I'm not saying Dak Prescott should be given a parade or something, but this take from Skip? Blahhhhh. Just so bad. I'm not gonna call for him to be cancelled or suspended or anything like that. He's allowed to say whatever he wants, but hopefully, this response will show him the importance of not pulling the 1950's "you are a pussy for having anxiety" take like he just did.

RIP to Jace Prescott. If you're struggling, here is a video of Tyson Furry, who went from almost killing himself to becoming the heavyweight champion of the world in a relatively short time:

Keep fighting.