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Coach Cal Confirms He's Good At Everything And Can Throw A Football Farther Than Weird Haircut Seth

What can't this man do? Makes UMass relevant. Makes Memphis relevant. Saves Kentucky and keeps them as the best program in the country. Ping pong? Yep. And he can throw a ball farther than Weird Haircut Seth! 

He's also realistic. 35 yards may not seem much, but you're asking a guy in his late 50s with a broken collarbone to toss the pigskin. The man is going to be accurate and throw a dime. No doubt about it. 

Oh, there's also then him saying there's going to be a college hoops season guaranteed. If Coach Cal says so, it's going to happen. There's no reason for there not to be a college hoops season unless there's a second wave of major outbreaks. It's going to happen. He's just honest here. The season needs to happen from a money standpoint too. So many colleges need the NCAA Tournament and buy-games and money to support the athletic department. That's the main reason why the season is going to happen. 

John 'Boobie Miles' Calipari. What can't he do?