Ruin A Bengals Fan's Day With Ryan Shazier Stripping Jeremy Hill

Go ahead and skip ahead to the 2:48 mark for one of my favorite plays from the great Ryan Shazier's career. 

Obviously, Shazier announced his retirement earlier this week so I had to bring out some of the all-time greats from his tragically shortened football career. 

What makes this particular one even better is a few things. 1. It was in the playoffs. 2. It was against the Bengals and 3. It was immediately following Ol' Vontaze Burfict intercepting Landry Jones and running all the way across the field through the tunnel as if the game was already over. 


Just when Cincy thought they were going to get their first playoff win in what feels like a century, Shazier does this to Jeremy Hill and the rest if history. 

Bengals gonna Bengal.