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We Got A TWIST: The Woman Who Snuck Into The Rockets Hotel Reportedly Says She Didn't Have Contact With Danuel House, But Rather TWO OTHER Rockets Players

So earlier today we had the story of the NBA investigating Danuel House of the Rockets for potentially sneaking a coronavirus tester into his room. It's a genius plan if that's who you're going to hook up with in bubble life. But, because it's the NBA we of course have more to the story. Let's fast forward to our boy Shams here

A female entered the Rockets’ team hotel on Monday night, passing multiple security checkpoints before being flagged for her entry, sources said. She exited the hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and the league cited early data points that implicated two members of the Rockets, House and Tyson Chandler, sources said. When the female was questioned by NBA security, she did not implicate House’s name and it is uncertain whether she remains on campus, sources said. She claimed to have contact with Chandler and another player, not named House, according to sources.

And just like that we got our first twist to the story. Was she actually a coronavirus tester? It sure seems so. But the real debate is who on the Rockets did she have contact with? Actually, what exactly is 'contact.' This is the new 'what is hooking up' debate. It's not making out. Does 'contact' start with like a hand job (allegedly, of course). Feel like this is something we all should have discussed when quarantine started. 

But either way, imagine being Tyson Chandler here. You think you're in the clear and all of a sudden Shams drops your name in the report that she had contact with you. That's gotta be the immediate gut drop feeling. You know exactly what this is going to say, you just hope maybe Shams threw you a bone. The real kick in the dick is the 'another player, not named House.' How come Chandler gets listed but not the other player? It's obviously (allegedly) James Harden, right? Gotta protect the stars. 

Bubble life always wins, man. This won't be the last story that's like this. It started with Richaun Holmes leaving to pick up delivery food to Lou Williams and Magic City to now this.