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Is It A Violation For Kevin Durant To Bring His Baseball Glove To The Beach?

Celebrities. They go just to the beach like you and I. So Kevin Durant decided to soak up the few remaining days left of summer by getting some quality time in the sand. And with him, he brought his baseball mitt. 

Now here's the thing--I've never really seen tossing a baseball around as a beach activity. There are just some inherent flaws to the activity that does not make it suitable for an afternoon along the shore. I understand folks have been bringing baseball gloves with them to the beach for centuries now, but humans have also been dumb as shit for centuries now so that doesn't prove anything. 

The first issue with bringing a baseball glove to the beach is obviously going to be the sand. Unless you're a golden glove with a rocket arm and never miss a single toss, you're inevitably going to get sand on the ball and that sand will then travel into the glove. Considering it's going to be hot as balls most of the days that you're on the beach, now you've got sand trapped inside of a sweaty leather glove and it's just not an enjoyable experience. For that reason, I'm out. 

But there's an even bigger issue here and this one says way more about the person(s) having the catch than anything. The fact of the matter is that if you bring a baseball glove to the beach, chances are that just one other person in your group has brought one as well. You probably coordinated with that person about bringing said gloves to the beach and that's your catch partner. But everybody else? They're fucked. They can't join in on the catch. Nobody told them this was the Field of Dreams. So now you've just alienated everybody else on the beach. So either A) you don't give a shit about anybody else's feelings because you are selfish or B) you only have 1 friend. 

That's why items like a football are much better suited for beach activities. Anybody can toss a football around. A Nerf ball is clearly the best option here because you can bomb those things a mile down the beach. Or you bring a cornhole set down there with you and anybody can toss some bags. Hell, even a frisbee does the trick. 

Also--I'm sure that Kevin Durant can't go many places where he can just relax and not immediately be recognized by fans. But bringing a baseball glove with you to the beach is the biggest attention grabbing decision one could possibly make outside of wearing a Borat speedo. So I'm going to vote "yes" on this being a violation. 

At least he didn't go full Piazza.