The Dallas Stars Locker Room Checklist Is Just Like Yours



Is this sign: A) From your adult co-ed slow pitch softball team, B) The Dallas Stars heading into game 7, or C) All of the above? The answer is C, obviously. Doesn't matter if you're playing the lowest, drunkest intramural sports with your friends, college club sports, watching your 5 year old nephew play t-ball, or playing the Colorado Avalanche in a game 7 to go to the Western Conference Final, the pregame checklist is always the same. It's what makes hockey so perfect and pure.

While other sports might take things a bit too seriously, hockey players are a bunch of normal guys who just happen to be really good at hockey. They get, more than any sport, they are just playing a game and getting paid a ton of money to do it. Win and get post game beers. It used to be orange slices and pizza parties, now it's Red Bulls and brews. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

And I'm rooting for our Dallas Stars to win the Cup. I don't want the Islanders to win ever, Tampa was always a thorn in my side growing up, and I do not want to see Ryan Reaves win a Cup. And the Stars are the Stars. They don't have enemies. I don't even think I've ever met a Dallas Stars fan in real life. But I'll ride for Mike Modano any day. And I love the old North Stars jerseys and colors. So let's go Stars.  


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