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Scoring 10,000,000 Points In A Single Run On The New Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Is One Of The Greatest Accomplishments In Human History

The discovery of fire. The invention of the wheel. Allegedly landing on the moon. Internet porn. 

All of them are some of the greatest achievements ever accomplished throughout mankind's existence on Earth. But let me ask you a question real quick--have any of the people involved with any of those monumental moments ever come close to ripping together a 10,000,000 point combo on the remastered Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2? Not a goddamn chance. 

Aristotle. George Washington. Thomas Edison. All guys whose names have been etched into history books for all of eternity, and all guys who probably couldn't even get a high score at the Warehouse level. Those dorks probably don't even know where the secret tape is hiding and it's the easiest one to find in the game. 

But 10,000,000 points? That is absurdity. Complete and total insanity. Granted, the wallplant trick has really made it easy to string together some lengthy combos, especially when you grind the lip of those 3 ramps at the bottom of the hill. You can go from wall-to-wall for at least 20 seconds there just stacking the combo points together. But even still. One little mistake and that combo you just beasted goes straight to shit. Each tap of the button becomes life or death at that moment. And the fact that we, as a species, are able to pull off a feat like that? Well that just goes to show how advanced we truly are. I've always thought there was no way that humans would be able to compete intellectually with other species of aliens in the universe, but maybe I was wrong. Because if you can get 10,000,000 points, you can do anything. 

P.S. - Not to brag or anything but my current high score is 1,133,000. We're getting there. 

h/t Brandon