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Was this simply a rip and run blog from Barstool's Twitter account that was re-ripped and re-run a few days later? You're goddamn right. Because whatever wonderful member of our social media team posted this video absolutely nailed that tweet, which is why you clicked on this blog. There's no need to get cute or fancy with this glorious day we weren't sure would come even a few months ago. Let's just celebrate the return of the greatest league on Earth with a commercial from the greatest Era on Earth, the mid-90s to the mid-00s when our civilization peaked.

God I love the NFL.


Here's to football! (and to Mecole Hardman taking the opening kickoff to the house tonight since I've been betting him to score the first touchdown of a Chiefs game since last year's Texans/Chiefs playoff game).

Blogger's Note: Republished this on the first Sunday of the season since Thursday is the soft launch for the NFL while Sunday is the hard launch. My penance for this extra lazy republication is the old coach Coors Light commercials since literally everything was better back in the 90s/00s, even the ads




Blogger's Note 2: Haha, hard launch

Blogger's Note 3: What I said about Mecole Hardman being the first player to score a touchdown in the Chiefs game obviously carries over to next week