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There Is a TIGER on the Loose in Knoxville, Tennessee

WATE — The Knox County Sheriff’s Office issued an Be On the Lookout alert for a tiger late Wednesday night after reports of the animal being spotted in southeast Knoxville.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Units, Animal Control, Air Watch, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Knoxville Police’s Animal Control Unit and representatives with Tiger Haven were working Wednesday night to locate a tiger that was spotted by a Knox County deputy in the Forks of the River Industrial Park off of Island River Drive.

I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee for four years and the best way I can describe that beautifully wacky town is that when I saw there was a tiger on the loose — that nobody seems to know whose it is or where it came from — I thought, "For 2020 and Knoxville, that sounds about right."

With that said, however, I don't think it can be overstated that there is a damn tiger on the loose. It was reportedly spotted just a few miles east of the University of Tennessee this morning.

And do you know who the mayor of Knox County is who's presumably in charge of fixing this issue right now? Glenn Jacobs aka WWE's Kane. I think that gives a bit of insight into the things that are accepted as normal in Knoxville — though Mayor Jacobs/Kane is actually really awesome.

Giphy Images.

But yeah, all that to say there is still a tiger roaming the streets of Knoxville and nobody seems to be able to find what seems like it would be a pretty difficult animal to miss. There has been a trap set and if the animal is caught, it will be taken to Tiger Haven in nearby Roane County.