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Wake Up With Deshaun Watson And Patrick Mahomes Dueling Last Year

We did it. We made it. All the way through the shittiest summer in like 80 years and as our reward the NFL has come back and they're giving us the two most electric quarterbacks in the game right now on a silver platter to start the football season. Even just typing that sentence made me calmly exhale. For the next 20 weeks or so we have plans on the weekend. That is what football is about. You want to talk about a past time...well this is it. I know what I am doing every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday through January. Where I am doing it(likely my couch) I don't know but I am doing it and there is no better way to start than with a zillion points and 1000 yards of offense tonight. God bless America and the National Football League

PS: Mahomes is so good that it's hard to find a highlight video of his that isn't 15+ minutes long.