Wake Up With the Ultimate 80s Montage

I acknowledge that I go to the well of the 1980s in my pop culture references a lot. There's a reason for that. Because even though we live in a Golden Age of things like TV shows, superhero films and streaming services and we've got geniuses like Christopher Nolan doing incredible work, the fact remains that the 80s were the peak of Western Civilization. 

More than anything, it was a time that allowed great artists to do great work and actually have fun. To produce enjoyable, guilt-free, often silly and even ridiculous escapist entertainment that appealed to the masses. And appeal to a wide audience it did. And still does.

I often think of the college intern we had at my old job and I asked her what kind of music is big on campus. And she answered, "Your music. All my friends listen to 80s stuff more than anything." Well if you've grown up in this era and wonder what the big deal is with movies, TV and music from that era, this montage is the best representation of the general mood of the times. It was a concept that might be on the endangered species list but back then it was thriving. A little thing known as "happiness." Google it. 

P.S. I'd take Suzanna Hoffs' flirty side-eye at the 2:20 mark over every single musical performance on the charts right now.