Ohio's Attorney General Recommends Ohio State Sue The Big Ten For Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is ready to recommend that Ohio State University officials file a lawsuit seeking monetary damages from the Big Ten and member schools that voted against playing football this autumn.

A team of state lawyers studying Ohio State’s contracts with the Big Ten believe an “excellent contract claim for several tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue” can be demanded in a lawsuit, Yost told The Dispatch.

“If these negotiations (over playing football) fall apart, we will be recommending legal action to our client, Ohio State University,” he said, adding his office believes the Big Ten lacked legal authority to cancel or delay the football season.

Now we're cooking with gas!!!!

Listen, I personally don't care whether Ohio State gets one million dollars, ten million dollars, or one hundred million dollars from this lawsuit. If they're struggling financially, they have my phone number in the alumni directory. But I do know someone that cares a whole lot about LOSING millions of dollars right now and that is the commissioner of the Big Ten, Crooked Kevin Warren. Could you imagine cancelling the season, still letting your son play at Mississippi State, having the entire country hate you, and then on top of all that, losing tens of millions of dollars in a lawsuit for your decision. Have yourself a month, commissioner! This dude will not have a job when this is all said and done.

And apparently, it's not only Ohio State that is putting big time legal pressure on the conference...

Dave, that is interesting!!!

I don't think Kevin Warren and the presidents want to admit they were wrong, but I don't think the conference wants to be sunk from their own schools suing it. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: it's not going to be Justin Fields billion signature petition that gets the Buckeyes back on the field. It's going to be the lawyers. And Dave Yost, let me be the first to say THANK YOU for listening to the great people of your state. Kevin Warren should take notes from Yost: you're not the only person in the world. Do what's best for the people that you serve. 

And to those IDIOTS in the replies saying things like "don't waste our tax dollars on this nonsense" and "the average citizens of this state are struggling", please just shut up. Not having Big Ten football is clearly the most pressing issue that this country faces today, and the honorable Dave Yost is doing his best to fight the corruption at the top. Either let the Buckeyes play, or pay us a billion dollars. Your choice, Kevin!