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Reporter Who Quit On Air Had A Restraining Order Filed Against Her Because She Smoked So Much Weed The Smoke Seeped Through The Walls And Made A Neighbor Kid Puke

ADN- Restraining order filed against former reporter turned internet star: A neighbor of former KTVA Channel 11 reporter Charlo Greene — who abruptly turned marijuana activist/viral internet star when she quit live on-air Sunday — told the gossip website TMZ Tuesday that he filed a restraining order against her earlier in September after a conflict stemming from marijuana smoke. Greene’s former neighbor Tyler Gilbrech told TMZ that Greene moved into the same apartment complex as him in June. Soon after, “she immediately started stinking up the place with so much reefer…his 4-yr-old daughter became violently sick from the fumes seeping through the walls,” he told TMZ. Records show Gilbrech filed for and was granted a protective order against Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe, on Sept. 10.


This story is actually good news for the “Fuck it, I quit” lady who is now a viral celebrity.  This is great news for her.  The reason for that is because now we know she’s the real deal.  I wasn’t totally convinced she was genuine with her profanity-laced send off the other day.  I really wasn’t.  Part of me thought she just wanted to be an internet super star and falling on her sword in the name of marijuana would be a way to build up her coolness profile.  But now I know she’s the real deal and weed activists have to be elated.  You can’t have a person who only smokes on occasion or a “if anybody has some, I’ll smoke” type of person leading the charge.  No, you need a ride or die chick who hot boxes her apartment to the point where the neighbor kids are puking their guts out in the apartment next-door.  You need a chick who gets ripped out of her skull to the point where her neighbors had to file a restraining order against you.  That’s a leader.  A weed leader they can trust and go to battle with knowing she isn’t a slouch in the smoking department.  Now the Alaskan weed smokers can bind together and stand behind their great leader without a shred of doubt that she’s in it for the wrong reasons.


PS- I got that story from Alaska Daily News.  Makes me laugh.  I know everybody thinks Iowa is in the middle of nowhere and that there’s like three people living here, but what about Alaska?  What even goes on out there?  They have the Iditarod and then I’m not sure what.  I know it’s probably a normal civilization just like any other state but all I picture when I think about Alaska is ice, igloos, dog sleds and the color blue.