The Celtics Lose A Double Overtime Thriller And Now It All Comes Down To Game 7

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I'm speechless. I don't even know what to say. What can you say after losing an double overtime thriller like that? The Celtics had their chances to put this series away and they couldn't do it. Now we get a Game 7 where anything can happen. Jayson Tatum with horrific turnovers down the stretch. I mean all time bad turnovers. The type you cannot make if you are Jayson Tatum. Kyle Lowry took over. Kemba Walker couldn't buy a bucket or a foul. You know, like on this play

but this was about the Celtics not executing down the stretch. The Raptors made their last 6 shots from the floor to end double OT and that was that. In the playoffs you need to get stops. They had their chances to extend the lead in double OT and couldn't execute. Another gut wrenching loss in this series I legit cannot believe it. How many more painful ways do I have to go through this?

Fact is, the Celts needed Tatum and Kemba to come through and it was rough for both. 

It pains me to even type it, but it's on to Game 7. I'm going to be fucking sick.