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Bears Add Former Saints Offensive Coordinator/Interim Head Coach Aaron Kromer

CHICAGO — The Chicago Bears moved swiftly to begin filling out their coaching staff under new head coach Marc Trestman by reaching an agreement with Aaron Kromer to serve as the team’s offensive coordinator/offensive line coach, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Kromer has been with the New Orleans Saints since 2008 where he handled the running backs for one season before shifting over to coach the offensive line. Kromer was the Saints’ interim head coach for the first six games of the 2012 season with Sean Payton suspended for the entire year and Joe Vitt unavailable for the opening six games. New Orleans went 2-4 with Kromer at the helm.

The working relationship between Kromer and Trestman dates back to 2001 when two men were both on the staff of the Oakland Raiders. Trestman arrived in Oakland as the quarterbacks coach that year before being promoted to offensive coordinator the following season when the Raiders reached the Super Bowl. Trestman left Oakland after the 2003 campaign. Kromer spent 2001-04 with the Raiders where he coached the offensive line his final three years with the organization.


Have a DAY Phil Emery. Love this move. Because as important as finding a good Head Coach is in the NFL, finding good assistants is probably that much more important. The guys that actually coach on a day to day basis. And Aaron Kromer is EXACTLY what this team needs. Look at the Saints offensive line numbers the past 4 years.


2009…Sacks allowed 20 (4th in the NFL)…QB hits 52 (3rd)…Rush attempts 4.5 (6th)

2010…Sacks allowed 26 (5th)…QB hits 68 (11th)…Rush attempts 4.0 (21st)

2011…Sacks allowed 24 (3rd)…QB hits 51 (1st)…Rush attempts 4.9 (5th)

2012…Sacks allowed 26 (3rd)…QB hits 59 (3rd)…Rush attempts 4.3 (13th)


I could get used to that right there. Phil Emery has basically taken all the coaching issues from last year and fixed them in one day. Love it.

Oh and for people hating on Trestman and the CFL but loving Chip Kelly going to the Eagles just know you are a humongous hypocrite. If you want to make the argument that Trestman has been out of the league for too long and the CFL is too different than the NFL that’s fine, but you also need to say the same exact thing for Oregon’s gimicky offense that doesn’t block anyone and is proven to not have staying power in the NFL. College to NFL is no different than CFL to NFL in my mind. They’ll both take adjusting, but that doesn’t mean Trestman doesn’t know how to coach football. Anyone who implies that is a moron.



Marc Trestman or the doctor from Human Centipede?

thanks to dan for the tip