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Guy Turned Into A 'Pube Werewolf' By Friends On A Bachelor Party Seriously Needs New Friends Before His Wedding



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BF – In what’s got to be the worst makeover ever, Mark Longley from Crawley in Surrey, spent his bachelor party (also known as, stag do or buck’s night) with pubic hair literally glued to his face.

Photos uploaded to Facebook by best man Steve West explain that the ~pube beard~ was made possible thanks to donations from Mark’s best friends.

“Personally I think he looks like a bit of a plonker,” Steve commented, prior to posting evidence for the world to see.

In addition to the man-made mask, Mark wore clown-shoes, was taped to a wheelchair, and was decorated with permanent marker. He was also given a cabbage “best friend” to hold on to at all times.


Lol good one Steve, he def does look like SUCH a plonker. But really my big question here is: Why? I get people do bachelor parties differently both in the US and across the globe but in what world is a fitting way to leave bachelorhood resulting in you getting blackout drunk enough that your friends can not only draw all over you, but COVER your face entirely in their own pubes? What kind of friends are these? Tell a humiliating story over steaks, move him outside in the cold when he passes out if he was a drunken asshole. But an elaborate scheme that involves several men shaving their pubes and taping your supposed best friend into a wheelchair like some sort of first draft Saw death trap? Honestly the worst group of guy friends in the world. I don’t care if they bought him all the blow, hookers, and quality cuts of beef any bachelor party has ever seen. If you’re getting any part of a buddy’s genitals on your face for a bachelor party, it’s an L of a weekend. No way around it.