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Do You Want to See What Happens When a Baseball Is Fired Out of a Cannon at 1,000 MPH?

When it comes down to it, there are really few things in life more fun than blowing shit up. If you told me I could spend tomorrow firing baseballs out of a cannon at 1,000 MPH and watching them explode for 12 hours, I'd be all over that.

And that is exactly what these folks did. They built a cannon capable of launching a ball at 10 times the speed any human can throw one and set up a slow-mo camera to see what happened when it hit a wall. Spoiler: it explodes and it's pretty damn cool.

This is what we need to be doing in STEM classes across this country. Do you know how much more interesting I would have been in science and engineering if I could have taken a high school class where we spent the semester building a cannon to make baseballs disintegrate into thin air?

And if you're more of an offensive-oriented fan, these same guys also built a machine which launches 700-foot dingers.

These guys put Bill Nye to shame. Blowing shit up and smacking baseballs to the moon is what science was meant for. Here's the full video of how the baseball-destroying machine was made, for those of you interested in what goes into the best applications of engineering.