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I'll Give You 100 Tries To Guess What This Commercial Is For And You'll Never Get It

Opening cut, "Hi Michael, I'm Amanda."

Bam, easy. Ok this is for a dating app. She's older so it's not gonna be on Tinder, Amanda looks like a serious gal who's looking for something real. Perhaps eharmony?, maybe? Probably not Jdate with that haircut but you never know.

*Jewelry starts being put on*

Oh no, it's for Zales. She's going on a first date but she's gotta look shiny. She wants to make a good first impression and what better way to do that then stop by an abandoned mall and loot the diamond store that a homeless man has now made into his home.

*grabs shoes*

Fuck is it a commercial for boots? Ugly boots, on top of that? The kind of boots that I try to take off a girls foot without realizing there's a zipper so I kinda pull and tug like an infant for a while before she says "I'll do it" to prevent me from breaking her foot?

*Amanda looks at the picture*


"Inspired days start with Inspired Closets"

Well, I guess it's good they're not selling small children and instead are just selling nice closets. But the bad news is I already have a go-to spot for both of those things and it's Reasonably priced missing children and shoe storage containers in one spot? You can't beat that.