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I Dare You to Not Tear Up Watching This Texas LB Find Out He's on Scholarship From His Dad

I would put videos of walk-ons receiving scholarships up there with the most heartwarming stuff the internet has to offer. They're right up there with any puppy videos you can find.

This one involving Texas linebacker Jett Bush — elite football name — was exceptionally cool. Longhorns head coach Tom Herman first called Bush's parents to enlist their help in letting their son know he had earned a scholarship. Then, Jett's father Mark broke the news to him in a team meeting.

It's always super cool to see a coach announce at the end of practice that somebody is on scholarship or find another creative way to do it, but seeing a proud dad get to tell his son that news is just so awesome. But watching Jett's dad see him address the team as a newly-minted scholarship player is what got me. Someone started cutting onions in the office.

Bush played in four games as a freshman in 2019, so it tells you how much work he puts in behind the scenes that the coaching staff would award him a scholarship after just one year as a walk-on. Congratulations to Jett and his family on a deserved accomplishment.