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Sacha Baren Cohen Secretly Filmed 'Borat 2' and It's Already Being Screened

One of the greatest comedies ever made is finally getting its sequel. Sacha Baren Cohen was apparently able to completely film Borat 2 in relative secret — some people reported seeing Cohen in character a couple times in the last few months — and the film has already been screened for certain people in the industry.

Collider — Plot details remain vague, but what we know is that Borat is no longer the little-known Kazakh TV personality he played in the original 2006 movie. The public knows who he is now, so he has to go “undercover” to interview people. One source described the film as “Cohen playing Borat playing Cohen,” but since we published this story, another source reached out to refute that description while still confirming the project’s existence.

I can't believe it took this long to make a sequel to one of the funniest movies ever made, but I think the wait will make this even better. Everything remotely successful gets a shitty sequel now, but reviving one of the funniest characters ever created is well worth it.

I don't know if Borat is the best comedy ever made, but I think I laughed harder watching that movie for the first time than any other I've ever seen. Watching Cohen get up in front of a rodeo crowd to "sing the national anthem" is one of the most hilarious scenes I've ever watched.

And I hope whatever direction they have to go with the character since people are now familiar with it doesn't mess anything up, but I think that even presents opportunities to do more things with it. I'm so looking forward to this.

Maybe we'll look back and be able to say that at least the last six months gave us Borat 2.