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"Borat 2" Was Already Secretly Shot And Screened For Test Audiences

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Collider - Last month, we noticed social media reports about Sacha Baron Cohen shooting something in Los Angeles as one of his most beloved characters, and today Collider can exclusively report that Borat 2 has already been shot and even screened for a select few industry types.

One source described the film as “Cohen playing Borat playing Cohen,” but since we published this story, another source reached out to refute that description while still confirming the project’s existence.


Well this is terrible news. Stupid news. Dumb news. Nobody wants another Borat movie. In fact, the first Borat movie wasn't even funny. To be honest, Sacha Baron Cohen isn't even funny. The world would be a better place if he never made another movie ever again











Still plays!

Obviously Sacha Baron Cohen is a one in a generation talent. If you go back and watch Da Ali G Show, it's some of the best television ever made. The way SBC can get into character, and then not break character, is second to none.

To make another Borat, I have no clue what hoops and obstacles he had to climb through. It must have been so frustratingly hard for him to continue to get recognized and for the bits to be ruined. But there could be enough people, particularly in some not-so-smart areas of the country, that don't even know who or what Borat is. The original movie came out in 2006- 14 years ago, so it's possible.

What I'm guessing happened is he just straight up told the people "I'm playing the Borat character" and then as it turns out, nothing matters, they still played directly into his hand because everyone is an idiot.

And the fact this might have been/was probably filmed during the pandemic takes it up another notch. Hoping it doesn't skew too far politically, as we know that can be a drain, but I trust SBC to navigate this perfectly and release a ridiculous movie that we all need. 


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