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Ernie Johnson Dropping A 'g-g-g-G-UNIT' To The Surprise Of Everyone Live On TV Is The Funniest Damn Thing You'll See Today

Live look at Ernie Johnson: 

I'm addicted to watching Ernie Johnson drop rap knowledge in front of the world. Every time at halftime/postgame, TNT comes back with some rap song and Shaq/Kenny/Chuck ask him if he knows whose song it is. He hit us early in the night with a Rick Ross

But the G-Unit soundbite just perfection. It hits different than some of the others because who among us in this age group (early-mid 30s) didn't love G-Unit? They had the clothing line, they had the jams, they had the sick name. Then Chapelle Show came in and made fun of all of us and it fit even better. Listen to some of these songs: 


And this is why we watch the best show on TV. It's not about basketball analysis. It's about Barkley and Shaq fighting. It's about Kenny Smith trying to break down the game but getting interrupted. It's about Ernie dropping rap knowledge. It's about this sort of talk: