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This Deep Fake Of A Bunch Of Movie Characters Coming Together To Sing "All Star" By Smashmouth Is A Slice Of Internet Bliss

Fuck putting the entire world on its back during this pandemic or the unlimited HD porn being streamed into our brains. That video right there is why the internet was invented. Pure wonderful entertainment featuring nothing but the finest the cinematic and musical genre have to offer uncut to the gut. Will deep fakes cause a ton of controversy as they get even better in the future to the point it sparks a world war like a digital Franz Ferdinand assassination? Maybe. Probably. Definitely. But today, daddy needed some dopamine and that video did the trick in spades, with the hidden gem being the teleprompter getting an underrated deep fake dicking.

As for the younger generation that will be torn apart by the aforementioned deep fake fueled world war, it didn't have to be like that considering cartoons fake lip synching songs is just as entertaining as a deep fake without nearly the amount of potential social and political hiccups.