Sam Presti Said He Knew Billy Donovan Wasn't Coming Back To Coach The Thunder So He Brought A Cooler Of 'Cheap' Beer To Their Meeting

I don't hate this move one bit. We know that Billy Donovan isn't returning to the Thunder as a head coach - a somewhat surprising move announced last night. But the thing the entire time was he doesn't want to do a rebuild and the Thunder and in a weird spot with Chris Paul's contract and whether they trade him or not. If they trade Paul, a rebuild is all but certain built around SGA, Bazley and that young core. 

Really this is how all amicable breakups should happen. I don't care if it's a marriage, dating, shit even if you don't want to be friends with someone anymore and to the working world. If you are and your boss both agree that it's going to be an amicable split, you show up with some cheap beer and get kinda drunk talking about the good old days. Hope Presti and Billy D slapped on same game film like they were a married couple watching a home movie. 

And you know what? Cheap beer just slaps differently. You give me a 30-rack of Natty Light and I'm thrilled. There's nothing like it. Shit I can run down to the UDF (a terrible Cincinnati form of a bodega but with way too much ice cream) and pick up a 6-pack of tall boy Natty Light for $3.99. How do you beat that? That's what I like to think Sam Presti walked into the meeting with. Two plastic bags of two Natty Light tall boy sixers. 

I talked a bit about Billy Donovan last night, but expect him to stay in the NBA. It's not exactly a huge secret that he didn't love recruiting and prefers not to deal with that again. He's made for that borderline rebuild/compete team like the Thunder have been. He's obviously great with a young core with his college days. If the Wizards get John Wall completely healthy and get closer to .500 ball, he could make sense there after next year. But, don't expect to see him back in college. 

PS: I just hope this is how Presti and Donovan drank the beers and more importantly handed each other beers 

PPS: If Presti fired Donovan, I hope he did it using beer like this