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Louis CK Did An SNL Skit Where He Just Did A Sassy Black Woman Impression For Five Minutes Straight


SNL’s been on a real run of hot garbage the last few years but the one thing they do well is giving Louis CK something good to do whenever he guest hosts. And this skit where he gets busted doing an impression of a sassy black woman boss at a Sprint store is exhibit A. Louis CK’s still the one guy in comedy unafraid enough to even consider a sketch like this, let alone be able to follow through with it for that long and only almost break character at how ridiculous it is once. Just perfect.


For the record if you don’t have a sassy black woman voice somewhere in your arsenal, I don’t even want to know you. There’s no occasion where “I’m an independent black woman who don’t need no man” isn’t perfect to break out. Well, maybe one occasion: