Hand Up, I TOTALLY Cheated To Get The First Overall Pick In The Barstool Fantasy Draft

DISCLAIMER: Elephant in the room, I look like shit.  I feel like shit.  I am shit.  But most importantly, I look like a slob to the effect of 2.5 White Sox Dave's stacked on top of one another.  Not a good look for anyone who is supposed to be breathing. 

YUP.  Sure did! The pick order for the Barstool Fantasy Football Draft was selected by whoever's delivery pizza arrived first. Wacky stuff with a capital W, for sure!  Myself and Donnie's pizza arrived first.  But, naturally, that's not enough drama.  So I of course cheated by - wait for it - in the span of 5 minutes, running to the nearest pizza place 2 NYC blocks away, instantly get a fresh pie, switch out the boxes with one in the trash, and run upstairs to claim the first overall pick.  Yup.  Totally happened like that. 

But oh well, another year, more fun times from whoever runs the Barstool Fantasy Football content that given year and we're excluded  Huzzah!  


And now we're live.  

Let's discuss.

PS - Still drafted the best team (according to Steven Cheah).  Suck on that, America.