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You Can Buy A Farm Complete With Budweiser Clydesdales (If You Have $75M To Spare)

On the Mount Ida Estate from the Wall Street Journal:

The enormous Virginia estate of former wireless telecom entrepreneur Tom Sullivan maintains the scale and amenities of a luxurious historical theme park.

There is, among other things, a two-lane go-kart track, a 180-foot waterslide leading to a lake, 26 houses, two lakefront beaches, miles of trails and even antique carriage tours led by former Budweiser Clydesdale horses. The property requires a full-time staff of 20, plus contractors. Now after two decades the entire 4,500-acre operation is going on the market for $75 million.

Barstool NYC < Barstool Fancy-Pants, Virginia?? 

All we have to do is convince Dave to drop a cool $75M and we can live on our own mega compound producing our own booze & content all the livelong day. PMT could ditch the van & interview athletes in antique carriages while retired Budweiser clydesdales trot along. Behold our 'Smokeshows on the Waterslide' live cam and look upon our horse racing track where we host live events every month... And wouldn't this be a great spot for a Penn National Casino? All it needs is a lazy river & some trampolines and it's perfect. 


A girl can dream….