In This House We Only Recognize One Cactus Jack


THIS is Cactus Jack. 




I can't believe there's a new Cactus Jack and people aren't giving the real Cactus Jack his due. Cactus Jack, Mrs. Foley's baby boy, didn't go through flaming tables, get beaten with barbed wire, and get thrown through Hell in a Cell by HHH



for Travis Scott to then steal his name and turn it into a cheeseburger. Shaking my damn head. 

Who did I play as on Wrestlmania 2000 for N64?



And now he's a damn cheeseburger?

For shame, my friends. 

I'm sure Travis Scott is fine n dandy. Seems like a lot of people like the cut of his jib. But there is only one Cactus Jack, and he doesn't make fast food, he makes pile drivers through tables.



Bang bang!