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Mark Wants To Call Up Tom And Say "Let's Get The Band Back Together And Do Rad Shit"



I think this is Marks way of admitting blink hasn't been blink since Tom left. They can try to plug Skiba in, but none of it is the same. When Skiba sings the Tom parts, it falls flat. The new songs don't have the same vibe, the same edge that made blink 182 the worldwide success they were. 

I get some people like Skiba. And I tried. But I am not one of those people. He does nothing for me. Not to be mean, but he does less than nothing for me, I can't listen to new blink at all. And that clip is telling me Mark is kind of over it too. He knows him and Tom are star crossed lovers, meant to get together and break up forever, but make awesome music and sell out shows in between.

And we see this all the time with bands. They break apart, guys go solo, and then the reunion tours are fucking awesome. Sometimes it's 2 years, sometimes 10, sometimes Guns n Roses. But bands that are meant to be always get back together. And we've seen these two flirt with the idea for the last couple of years, with Tom saying the timing just isn't there right now.



My prediction: A new album and new tour in 2023. Which is also the 20th anniversary of the self-titled album. Perfect.

And while we are at it, Oasis can stop fucking around get back together too. They've been apart for 11 years now, but they seem less likely to reunite because Liam and Noel still hate each other's guts.


But Liam wants there to be love again….


Sigh. Let there be love. Maybe one day, my friends. Maybe one day.




PS: Me and Robbie did another Oasis podcast, this time talking about their debut album, "Definitely Maybe". A good hour just talking about the songs, check it out here: