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Dear Ted, For The Love Of God Please Do Not Hire Mike Babcock To Coach The Capitals


Mike Babcock in Washington you say? How about


Giphy Images.


I want Mike Babcock as far away from this team as possible. From all accounts, he is a nightmare to play under. You think Ovi is going to put up with Babcock's shit? The worst possible scenario is Babcock comes in and Babcocks it up, pisses Ovi off, and then he finishes out his current contract pissed off at management because of Babcock and doesn't re-up in Washington. Seeing him finish his career (another 15 years) somewhere else is my worst nightmare. 

What's so bad about Babcock? He's just a fucking dickhead.







Just hire Gallant. Imagine this team in Gallant's system? My heavens. Day and night with Babcock who will make it all about himself. If Ted hires Babcock…man. I don't know what to say…but it will not end well. I hope he knows this. Tweet this blog at Ted. He reads his mentions. We have to do what we can. Please, no Babcock. We beg of you Uncle Ted. We beg.