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Colin Kaepernick Returns To Madden 21 With A Higher Rating Than Half Of The Starting QBs In The NFL

Colin Kaepernick is back in Madden. This is his first appearance in the video game since 2016. For the most part, this makes sense. Madden 21 wants to bring some attention to their newly released game and bringing Kaepernick back will get your product trending on social media immediately. Also, according to Kaepernick, he still wants to play. That makes him a free agent, which are featured in Madden.

What didn't make sense was the rating that Kaepernick received. An 81 overall. I'm furious!

Is Kaepernick better than some QBs in the NFL right now? Yeah, that's probably a decent bet. Matt Schaub is still a backup for the Falcons. Chad Henne is still on the Chief's roster! All that being said, rating Kaepernick ahead of the likes of Joe Burrow, Baker, Kyler, and others? Come onnnnnnn. It's cool you're putting him back in the game, but let's not say the man who hasn't played a snap of football since 2016 is better than the 3 previous #1 picks.

Speaking of Madden, remember how the release date of Madden used to be a top 10 day of the year? Those Walmart commercials?

They were amazing. 

Do kids these days get pumped up for Madden release dates like I did? I feel like they don't. That makes me sad.