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Ordering The New Travis Scott Meal At McDonald's Was Harder Than I Thought

After days of waiting, the highly anticipated Travis Scott meal is now available at participating McDonald's. This meal is a Quarter Pounder with bacon, fries, a side of BBQ sauce, and a Sprite. According to the Golden Arches, all you have to do is pull up to the drive-thru and tell them "Cactus Jack sent me" and you'll be ready to pay at the first window in no time! You'd think the way this company has marketed their special promotion by constantly tweeting and throwing the secret code in their bio would have all the employees on high alert, right?

Wrong! But that's ok because the quarter pounder with bacon tasted great, the fries were perfectly crisp, and my Sprite wasn't mixed with any alcohol. In conclusion, the meal was lit. 8/10. Congrats Travis Scott on your endorsement money!