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Ajax Fans Giving Donny van de Beek A 'Hero's Sendoff' With Flares And Chanting For Leaving To Join Man U Is The Dumbest, Weakest Thing Ever

I don't want to hear anything about money or that he's leaving for a 40 million pound deal. You simply can't and I mean you CAN'T give any player that's leaving your team a goddamn 'hero's sendoff' like this. He's LEAVING. He's not retiring. He's not injured. He's a young star that's leaving for a power program in England. And yeah, I understand this happens all the time, especially to someone like Ajax, but my point stands. I despise these fans celebrating him. You cut ties. You move on. He's now an ex. You watch highlights to remember the good times, but you cut his ass out of your life. 

This is just another example of how goddamn different European soccer is too. This simply doesn't happen here. A small market team in baseball isn't doing this because their young star is getting paid hundreds of millions of dollars by the Dodgers. And you can't even say 'same league', Ajax still competes with Man U for the Champions League. 

Be a fan for me one time. Don't throw a parade. Don't shoot off flares like you just won another title. Just cut ties and let him go to Manchester United. Start looking at your roster and get excited about the next 23-year old that is going to leave you for a bigger club at some point. This is just so weak. I hate it so much.