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TikToker Travels To Rwanda, Tests Positive For COVID, Forced Into Isolation (Without Weed), Cries To Millions On TikTok Before Finding Out Her Test Was A False-Positive

Let's start with a little background. This is Charly Jordan. Thanks to her friendship with Daisy Keech, she recently rose to TikTok fame:

She currently has 1.2 million followers on TikTok, along with 3.3 million on Instagram (was fairly popular on IG before she blew up on TikTok). In her Instagram bio she also claims to be a DJ? That's a new thing that hot girls do: DJ. Anyways, I guess Charly decided it was a good idea to go visit a completely different country during a global pandemic. Why she did that? To do charity work with Gorillas. 

Charity work with gorillas is an incredibly IG model/TikTok star thing to do. 

Now, let's be real here. Getting locked up in a random room in a country that you don't know the native language? That's scary. On top of that, Jordan was having withdrawals:

Just a straight-up disaster for Charly. 

Not that Charly was in a great state of mind during this whole thing, but in the comments, she went on to blame the United States for allowing her to travel outside of the country:

As if the United States forced Charly to go to Rwanda and do charity work with the gorillas.

Ultimately, it turned out that Charly was a false-positive. She heard the news and immediately went to TikTok to celebrate. You cannot knock the content hustle out of her. You have to respect it.

Charly, understandably, got a decent amount of backlash due to this whole experience. She explained herself here:

Pretty funny watching her apologize with that filter on. Just an absurd world we live in.

So, yeah. What a wild few days for Charly. Glad to hear she's COVID-free and no longer in isolation. As I noted in the blog, a part of you has to feel bad for her, but this is not the time to go traveling to Rwanda to save the gorillas! Save that for when the pandemic is over!