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Kyle Shanahan Calls Artificial Crowd Noise a 'Form of Human Torture'

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan let it be known that he is definitely not a fan of the artificial crowd noise which will be used in the NFL this season, calling it a "form of human torture."

NBC Sports — "Oh my god ... that really is a form of human torture," Shanahan said about the fake crowd noise on the season finale of "Brick by Brick." 

General manager John Lynch also wasn't a fan. 

"It's terrible," Lynch said. "And it starts, and it doesn't stop too."

I don't know how different the football crowd noise could possibly sound from what MLB has been using, but I really haven't noticed the crowd noise in baseball games positively or negatively, which seems to be the best-case scenario.

I guess I get what Shanahan is saying if he means that it's a reminder of what a weird season this is going to be with limited capacity — or completely empty stadiums, in some cases. Even when we get back to playing football, there are going to be plenty of reminders that this season is anything but normal.

But I also don't really care what Shanahan thinks is human torture. Because you know what was torture for me, Kyle? Watching you call three pass plays in chip shot field goal range that lost the Falcons a Super Bowl.

So turn the fake crowd noise up, I say.