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DeAndre Hopkins Just Negotiated Himself A 2-Year, $54.5 Million Contract Extension That Makes Him The Highest Paid Non-QB In NFL History

Holy shit that is a lot of money! I don't have time to wait to see what the guaranteed money is or how much this extension is "really" worth. Daddy needs to get them takes off in order to cash in those pageviews so I'm gonna say DeAndre Hopkins just bet on himself and won without even having to pay an agents fee to do so along with none of the roster tomfoolery that usually pisses NFL players off.

I'm guessing the reason Bill O'Brien became an internet punching bag by trading Hopkins for some draft picks and a running back was because the Texans had no interest paying Hopkins anywhere near that much cash before giving Deshaun Watson an even bigger bag.

The Cardinals however thought it was a good idea to give their 2nd-year-QB, who is still on only Year 2 of his rookie contract, a weapon that can do something like this to a mere mortal man.

Giphy Images.

Has proven he can produce with any QB that isn't absolute basura.

And is elite at throwing shade.

The Texans did get David Johnson and a couple of draft picks that won't even be able to dream about Hopkins money for years.

[Whispers ever so gently] David Johnson could be an absolute beast in Houston considering Carlos Hyde ran for almost 1100 yards in their offense and Johnson is better than him with buttery soft hands

[Whispers even gentler] I may or may not be saying this because I have Johnson on my fantasy team

[Whispers even GENTLER] Nobody cares

P.S. DeAndres have seen the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows on the NFL transaction wire today.