24 Good Movies And 6 Good Shows You Can Stream Right Now According To Kenjac (Vol. 31)

2. Airplane (We have an interview with writer/director David Zucker coming soon)

3. The Naked Gun

4. Spaceballs

5. Community 

9. Raised By Wolves (SERIES I don't know if this show is going to end up being good but I liked the first three episodes they released)

10. Lovecraft Country (SERIES)

1. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

2. Any Given Sunday

3. The Last Boy Scout

4. Prisoners (starts streaming on Thursdays)

5. Seinfeld (SERIES)

1. Casino Royale 

2. Kramer vs. Kramer

3. The Bounty

4. Rat Race

5. The Boys (SERIES) and here is a recap/reaction of the first three episodes for those of you who watched. 

1. Mulan (My review of this will be up later today, but I'll sum it up with this. If you don't have a kid/family to watch this with, it's not worth $29.99 unless you're overly desperate for new content).

2. Never Been Kissed

3. The One and Only Ivan (Very solid movie if you have kids)

4. Big Hero Six

5. Spider-Man (The animated series)