I GUARANTEE The Washington Football Team WILL NOT Go 1-15


Shame on you, NFL Network, shame! I am here to 100% grade A fresh, wagyu prime guarantee that our Washington Football Team WILL NOT finish 1-15 this season.



Look, I've seen a lot of bad teams in my life. And I mean A LOT of bad teams. Boy howdy, we saw Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson play QB for this team only 2 seasons ago. But even that team didn't finish 1-15.

Now I did read that this 1-15 prediction was their "basement" for the WFT, with 6-10 being the ceiling. 6-10 as the ceiling is super depressing…shouldn't ceilings be absolute best case scenario? Because best case is way better than 6-10. Here's the schedule for reference:



Certainly not the easiest schedule especially starting off. But if we are talking ceiling, give me the opening day W vs the banged up Eagles, then wins vs the Browns, Giants, Cowboys, Giants, Lions, Bengals, a December steal vs a non-Big Ben Steelers, Panthers, and Eagles again. Boom, 10 right there. Interchange the Steelers or one of the Eagles wins with a possible home win vs a crippled Seahawks team on 12/20. 10 is the ceiling, 5 is the basement. Gotta remember this is the NFL, one QB injury changes everything so a loss on paper to the Niners in September is a lot different if Nick Mullens is under center come December. 

So let it be written, let it be said, the WFT will not be going 1-15 this season. Riverboat Ron simply will not allow it. Haskins will not allow it. Chase Young will not allow it. And I will not allow it. 

And hey, worst case we do go 1-15…it's Trevor Lawrence time.