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Dustin Johnson FaceTiming With His Kids After Winning The Tour Championship Is #Adorable

Dustin Johnson the family man! What a nice clip. Your dad sure did win the trophy but, more important than that the trophy, it comes with a 15 million dollar paycheck. That trophy, along with all the other trophies dad has won over the past 13 years, means life is gonna be pretty sweet for the Johnson kids. Just an all around wholesome clip.

You know what I think of when I think about DJ and Paulina in 2020 as a happily married couple with two kids? I think of the Paul Rudd clip from his Hot Ones appearance 

When DJ and Paulina are out to dinner that's how they must look at their lives these days. 10 years ago things were..........different for both of them. Just a couple of party animals trying to figure things out. Now? Now things are as good as they've ever been. And sure they still go through rough patches here and there but it seems (at least from the outside looking in) that things in the Johnson household are fantastic. Good for them.