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Ding, Ding, Ding! Introducing The Newest NBA Playoff Rivalry: Nikola Jokic vs Patrick Beverley And It's All Thanks To These Postgame Quotes

This is the beauty of the NBA playoffs. You never know what sort of rivalry is going to develop for no reason that you can predict. You have Jeff Van Gundy hanging on Zo's leg. You have Spike Lee vs Reggie. You have Robert Horry vs Steve Nash. Just keep going down the list and there are ones that make no sense and that's how we get to Patrick Beverley vs Nikola Jokic.

I gotta admit, Jokic's answer is A+. Starting with the random staring at his fingers to the 'what is flailing?' The man simply had no idea how he could flop. He immediately points out what everyone always does. Free throw discrepancy. Then this face after saying 'I'm just showing the ref what's a foul' 

Personally? I'm fucking thrilled we have this. Last night's game was legit awesome. But there needs to be some sort of rivalry like we had with Luka vs Morris. The Clippers embracing this full on hate is exactly what I want to see. It's the opposite of what LeBron did in Miami and we all wanted him to do. Kawhi isn't going to say shit. Paul George is going to give himself nicknames. Pat Bev, Lou Will, Marcus Morris, they are all going to talk shit. 

I love the response by Jokic. I don't even care if Pat Bev is right or not. He has every right to stir the pot with the flopping problems. Jokic simply refuses to believe it. Can't wait for game 4.