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Big Ups To This Teacher Who Showed Her Students "50 Shades Of Grey" As A Reward For Good Grades

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(Source)Portions of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” a controversial movie depicting graphic acts of sexual violence, was screened in a West Virginia classroom this week. The filmography request was made by a group of Hampshire County students who asked their teacher, who was ignorant of the film’s content, if they could watch it as a reward for good work. “Fortunately, an assistant principal walked by and saw what they were doing,” said school principal Jeff Woofter. “They got there 10 minutes after it started and shut it down.” Hampshire County school policy prohibits students from watching movies of any kind in the classroom. “We don’t do that,” Woofter said.

Two things here and absolutely zero of them have anything to do with watching the movie. 1) who the hell is this teacher who had no idea what 50 Shades of Grey is about? You need to fire that lady for having such little knowledge of society. 50 Shades of Grey was pretty much the biggest story going for over a year. Not a single person could stop talking about the mommy porn, tampon fucking, BDSM novel. If you’re that disconnected from the real world then you shouldn’t be molding young minds. 2) How bout this asshole Jeff Woofter? We don’t watch movies in this county. What is this fucking Footloose bro? People don’t get pregnant watching movies. What’s a teacher supposed to do when she’s hungover? What’s a sub supposed to do? Show the kids their movies and stop being so uppity about it.