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Odell Beckham Jr. Is Trending Because He ALLEGEDLY Likes To Get Pooped On

Okay, so to set the scene: this clip comes from the Thots Next Door Podcast: Episode 2. The co-host, the Instagram model and #1 Suns fan who detailed her experience with 7 NBA players from the same team, and her partner have none other than SLIM DANGER on the pod. For those of you that do not know, Slim Danger is Chief Keef's baby's mama. And well, I'll let Slim take it from here...

Let me be the first to say this: I don't believe you. And I'm not even necessarily talking about the pooping part. I mean, I'm not saying OBJ enjoys girls taking dumps on his chest, but I could imagine that these professional athletes that could literally get any girl on Earth probably need a little something extra to get them going. But the reason I don't believe this story is because, like I said, OBJ has his pick of the litter, and you're trying to tell me he chose SLIM DANGER?

Watch the clip. Not a chance.

And on top of that, this story gets even more fishy when you see who the co-hosts of the podcast are. 

These two and their friend Slim saw how viral the clip went about how much they support the Phoenix Suns, and 3 weeks later, they were irrelevant again. So what's the best way to get back in the limelight? On episode 2 of the podcast? Well if you look at your Thot Playbook, you'd see that it is to choose one of the biggest celebrities you can think of and tell everyone he likes to get pooped on. Slim Danger might be a lot of things but she is NOT a fool. This is the quickest path to relevancy in today's world.

I sincerely hope that this trend isn't here to stay. It sucks because any girl on the street can make up a rumor and it'll go viral on the internet. And even if it is true, no one should be airing Odell's dirty….literally dirty….laundry like this. But if it is true, that's all on him. Because a simple rule of thumb is that if you have a pooping fetish, you absolutely HAVE to get a non-disclosure agreement signed. 

But, at the same time, I must admit that I kinda hope this trend continues. Because I do love reading the replies each time a girl plays pin the tail on the donkey like this and randomly selects a celebrity to expose…

Anyways, rough day Odell. The world thinks he asked a girl to film herself pooping and then flew her out to poop on him in person. This whole time I thought he was the Browns top wideout, but turns out he's a true #2 receiver now. I guess this is a great day for his teammate Jarvis Landry though. Moving up the depth chart!

Anyways, listen OBJ, I know you're reading this because you're trending and it probably sucks to have the whole world thinking you like to be pooped on. But you just gotta embrace it. This absolutely HAS to be your touchdown celebration is Week 1.

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