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Navy Didn't Tackle All Training Camp....That Didn't Work Out Well For Them

You won't believe this, but the team in the clip above, Navy? It turns out they haven't practiced tackling all offseason.

 SOURCE-According to Coach Niumatalolo, Navy has not done live tackling or blocking since its bowl game.

That turned out to backfire for Navy:

I guess it was due to COVID concerns? Makes sense, but also, it's quite dangerous to just throw your players out there in a game when they haven't performed a single full contact drill in the year 2020. On the topic of COVID, if the players can't tackle in practice, why is it safe for them to tackle another team (from across the country) in the game? That doesn't add up.

Anyways, it was a bad start to the season for Navy and anyone out there that bet them, like myself.