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The Giants Have Officially Released DeAndre Baker

Well, that's the end of that story! I mean I'm sure there are still PLENTY of twists and turns set to take place in a Florida courtroom as the state's attorney and Baker's attorney engage in a duel of legal terms followed by Instagram posts with typos and clearly screenshotted images.

However as a fan of a team that was robbed out of a first round pick (along with the assets to trade into that pick), some cash, and joy every time the opposing team threw at DeAndre, my interest in whether or not DeAndre Baker is found guilty of robbery in the traditional sense is officially equal to that of Tommy Lee Jones' interest in Richard Kimble's plea of innocence.

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The Giants secondary was probably going to struggle this season even if Baker wasn't fighting for his freedom, Sam Beal didn't opt out, and Xavier McKinney didn't fracture his foot. But the Giants added some interesting pieces with Darnay Holmes in the draft and Logan Ryan as a late free agent bargain plus secondary really couldn't get worse than it did at some points last season. So here's to hoping the new coaching staff can figure out how to make the defensive backfield something other than a sieve using tennis balls taped to hands or whatever teaching tools Coach Judge and the equipment managers have at their disposal.

As for the other topic that the lamestream media is too scared to address…

No I don't think Dave Gettleman should be fired for drafting someone that may have committed a crime as long as he did his due diligence in Baker's past, even if character concerns are the reason he fell on draft day. But I do think Davey should run a lap for everything Baker cost this team during his short time here, including some embarrassment considering this whole ordeal somehow played out in less than four full months since quarantine days are faster than Tyreek Hill.

Since Dave is an older guy who has had some health problems recently and also pulled off some solid discount signings with Ryan as well as Markus Golden with a seldom used roster tag, I have nominated myself as tribute to run his lap since everyone from the front office to coaching staff to players to media members to fans are in this Big Blue family together.