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A Pop Warner Punter Absolutely TRUCK STICKED Some Poor Little Kid Out Of Existence

Hey little Stevie, YOU GOT

Big big biiiiiig victory #ForTheBrand today (or whenever this video was taken). More than a decade later, the vicious hit Sean Taylor delivered on Brian Moorman during the 2006 Pro Bowl has been avenged thanks to some rain, butterfingers, and a goddamn MONSTER at punter running with a tenacity I haven't seen out of a kid since Spike from Little Giants.

I don't know if this kid became punter because he had the strongest leg, the most coordination to punt a ball, or what. But he better be ready to add Fullback to his player card because while special teams are important, his team will never need to punt again if they allow Baby Alstott to lay the hammer on people 25 times a game.