Stool Scenes Clip of The Week: PMT x Dungeons & Dragons

This Stool Scenes Clip of the Week is solely dedicated to the marvel that is Tim Woods. I had seen clips of this guy over the months but it wasn't until I got to see him operate in person, and see those hands flail, that I really understood how much of a beast he is. I can't even form a sentence without at least three "likes" or "bros" but Tim can articulate on the fly how reanimating Billy's corpse and feeding his testicles to a bunch of Drakes will fit into an unscripted story line. Also he had a fire Blake The Griffin joke. 

If that didn't make any sense than just watch the part where in the time it takes Hank to conquer his shoulder pads, Tim is able to seamlessly recount their entire quest from start to finish. All the while burning thousands of calories with his hands. That's pretty much the difference between us and Tim in a nutshell.

Watch the full episode here: