Tom Cruise Is Determined To Die A Gruesome Death

Anyone who is familiar with Cruise knows that he is basically the Felix Baumgartner of undersized actors. In case you somehow missed 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout', he personally did a motorcycle chase through Paris, a rooftop jump that broke his ankle, a scene where he is hanging off a Helicopter and then a follow up Helicopter chase, AND a fucking HALO jump that took 106 takes. 

As a person that is horrified by heights, this one in particular just looks horrifying. All it takes is a few loose bolts and the scaffolding goes DOWN. An accidental twist of the the wrist and your bike is careering right into an explosion! A messed up parachute and you're careening down a cliff like the Nazi in the Last Crusade.

If Cruise hadn't already done a billion stunts more hardcore than this, I would be really worried for him. Alas, 106 takes jumping out of a cargo plane is pretty much the mountain for him now. That is, until he completes the movie he plans on shooting in space. The real question is: Why is our phat-assed king so determined to do all these death-defying stunts himself? Is he simply determined to give us all the best action experience possible? After all, MI Fallout was one of the best action movies I've ever seen. I'm going to choose to believe it's a combination of that and him being an adrenaline junkie, and not something more sinister…

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