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Which Three Chain Restaurants Would You Keep For the Rest of Your Life?

These things on Twitter are my favorite internet arguments to have. While I understand everyone has his or her own personal preferences as to what American casual chain restaurants are deserving of the three permanent spots, I need everyone to know why my choices are unequivocally the correct ones.

1. Chili's

There is not even a question as to what restaurant was taking the top spot here. There is simply no better bang for your buck in this country than what you get at Chili's. The amount of times my roommates and I went to Chili's in college and treated it as an absolute delicacy has forever cemented it as my favorite chain restaurant.

By the way, there is not a single Chili's in New York City and I become enraged every time I'm reminded of this fact.

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

The No. 2 spot was a tight race for me between Buffalo Wild Wings and Hooters. But for all the advantages Hooter's has, when I thought about what kind of wings I want to be eating while watching a full slate of college football, it's Hot BBQ from BDubs. I know there are a lot of wing purists out there who try to discredit the greatness of BDubs, but those people need to just accept the fact that Buffalo Wild Wings is an elite establishment serving some of the best chicken in this country.

3. Texas Roadhouse

Outback Steakhouse made a strong run at the No. 3 spot, but have y'all ever had a roll from Texas Roadhouse? I would pay $10 to literally just eat rolls there and see if I could set the record. As long as the food is even comparable, the rolls absolutely push Texas Roadhouse over the top.

As for Melty's, I wish I could have experienced what seems to be quite the spot before it was unceremoniously shut down due to its extreme dampness. It will officially be listed as my lone "honorable mention."