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Million Dollaz Worth Of Game Denying Tekashi 6ix9ine An Interview On Their Show Is A Wonderful Way To Start Your Week

Isn't that just lovely? Seriously, what an awesome way to start the week. Karma really is a bitch. I know Tekashi is technically doing "well", but this had to have been a major blow to his ego. I mean think about how delusional you have to be to ask someone for an interview by telling them it will be the biggest moment of their career. Actually think about that. Especially when the person you're asking has one of the top podcasts in the world. Oh yeah, and the other guy did TWENTY YEARS in prison meanwhile you could barely handle two. I'm sure there's a lot of respect there. The lack of self awareness is astonishing. The people don't want this interview, Tekashi, they want you to shut the fuck up and go away. Shout out to Gillie and Wallo for doing the right thing. Check out the latest episode of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game below. Have a great week...