There's Zero Chance The Bucks Can Ever Win An NBA Title After Finding Out Their Locker Room Celebration Song Is Ed Sheeran's 'Shape Of You'

[The Athletic] - • The Bucks’ locker room song of choice that was blaring through the hallway as they celebrated their season not being over? Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you.” There’s no real commentary to add here, but it was definitely unexpected.

This isn't a knock on Ed Sheeran, the dude can sing. But, uh, if you're an NBA team you simply can't celebrate your season not being over despite your 2x MVP being injured, with this song: 

I know the Bucks whole thing is being quirky with the wrestling before games and mostly having the Lopez twins, but I've completely shifted my stance on the Bucks. They can't compete for an NBA title. It has nothing to do with a lack of correct shooters around Giannis and Bud putting a ceiling on how many minutes he's playing stars in the playoffs. It has everything to do with this Ed Sheeran track. If you really want Ed Sheeran at least play Galway Girl, that song slaps. 

I need the Bucks to act more like Bucks senior VP and tweet shit like this after wins: 

That tells me they have fight. Shape Of You? That tells me you're ready to go home and go to sleep. Stop being quirky and start adjusting on defensive rotations since the Heat are just attacking you off the bounce. Your season might have been extended by a game, but the Bucks are DONE being contenders. Can't trust them.